Sleep! What’s that.. ?


So I don’t do sleep deprivation well, I really can’t. Even the younger version of myself struggled to make it through the night when I first entered the party scene. I would get to midnight, and would be looking for the exit sign to go home so I could go to bed. I have always been an early riser as well, so I need at least 8 hours of solid sleep.  Fast forward to today, I have been waking up two to three times a night since I was 32 weeks pregnant. It’s seriously taking it’s toll on me. I can’t even pin point why Flynn is waking up so much. I’m like oh he’s teething, or is it a growth spurt, maybe a wonder week, oh wait it’s his four month developmental milestones. Knowing our luck it’s probably all of the above.

I have read that parents of newborns can lose at least 44 days of sleep during the first year of a child’s life, and will average about 5 hours a night. So as a result of this, my grumpy scale is set at an all time high. I’m indulging on coffee and I’m developing a sweet tooth so that means chocolate bars and muffins, and lets face it…that’s not going help lose any of the baby weight I’ve gained. I’m probably going to turn into a muffin the way I’m fitting into my jeans lately. Cue sad face.

Lucas was and still is a brilliant sleeper, and I’m pretty certain he started to sleep through the night when he was around 8 weeks old. We did start to be bottle feed him on formula so that could be the reason why. Flynn on the other hand will be breast fed before I go to bed, which is anywhere between 8:30pm and 9:00pm, and then again anywhere between midnight and 3:00am. Then one more feed when it is time for Chris to get up and get ready for work. Yeah it probably doesn’t sound too bad, but it’s been 6 months of interrupted sleep and I am exhausted. I’d do anything for 8 hours of solid rest!

I have also discovered that I have developed a condition called Bruxism, which essentially means that I am a jaw clencher. There are some mornings where I have woken up with pain in the joint of my jaw, and I have a terrible ache in my teeth. Thankfully though, I have not ground my teeth too badly, but I have developed a slight hairline crack in one of my canines. My dentist was informing me that it is a common condition of mothers with newborns. So to prevent my teeth actually cracking, they took a mold of my mouth and created a clear mouth guard. I will need to wear it when I go to bed at night, when I am stressed or when I read/type as when I concentrate I clench. So I guess that will be most of the time haha!


I have also been told to try and have a sleep during the day when it is nap time, but the logistics are impossible. I need to prepare a four year old for school/play dates/day care, and let me tell you that he is a demanding little bugger. Anywhere from breakfast time which will consist of at least 4 different food groups to wiping his butt after taking a dump in the toilet. Trying to do that one handed because you have a clingy baby who needs to be held is challenging. And when I finally have time to myself, it is impossible to try and get him to sleep. Apparently anytime after 1pm is wakey wakey time, so by the time Chris comes home from work I am handing him the baby.

Lucas was also sleep trained, which back then was incredibly difficult for me as a first time mum. Realistically looking back I just didn’t cope being a mum at all, I was always second guessing my mothering skills and developed an anxiety disorder. I would cry when I would hear him cry, and it didn’t help that he was not much of a self soother. Chris was adamant that it was in his best interests, and at the time I agreed. But it’s strange how the second time we have become much more relaxed with our parenting style. Maybe it’s because they are such a baby for a short period of time, plus caring for a baby is much easier than a child with an attitude of pubescent teenager.

So keep your fingers crossed for me that it won’t be long until he sleeps through. When he does I will be clicking my heels together in a happy dance.

Anyway that’s it, my mouth is starting to hurt with my new mouth guard.

Much love

Melanie xx