About Lion Fox & Co

Hello! I’d rather talk about you, but since this is my “About” page we’ll talk a bit about me first. But then maybe give me a call and we’ll talk about you and what you’d like your photographic story to say.

I’m a very sociable person and I love photographing people. I love the stories, the connection we can form, and the trust people put in me to document who they really are. To see all their amazing uniqueness, beauty and all that a woman is through the lens especially when they may not see it themselves.

To capture those smiles, cheeky grins, beautiful candid moments between partners, parents or friends.

You need to want to get to know people to really do that. And I genuinely do. My clients, my friends and my family make up my world.

Conversations and people inspire me.

There is always a story there that I want to tell. I love that I have the power to do this through images.

My mission is to create a nurturing circle of women and mothers who want to support each other and empower others through their own life experiences. 

I look forward to meeting you, hearing your story, capturing your power, beauty and everything that you are.

“You are loved, You are needed and You are worthy.”