Love yourself as much as you want to be loved..

“I wish I could learn to love myself..”

Do you want to be able to believe in yourself and learn to love yourself the way you love other people?

Are you finding that loving yourself as you are is the hardest thing you are having to do?  

Okay, let me ask you this.. what do you think would happen if you devoted more time into your day by loving yourself?

To be yourself..

To accept yourself..

To value yourself..

To forgive yourself..

To empower yourself..

To love yourself!

“Self love breeds self confidence, self worth, self respect, self forgiveness. Do not underestimate its power. “
I created the #loveyourdamnself movement to encourage women to love themselves just as they are. We have never been more perfect.
When we’re young (and, to be honest, when we’re adults too), all of our perceived flaws are blown up and criticised. For so long, we are caught up in the idea of being imperfect. We convince ourselves that one day we will fix everything that bothers us and become some perfect unrealistic version of ourselves. 
The only real difference between the person I was when I was younger and the person I am now is that I don’t beat myself up about my imperfections anymore. I’ve learned to love myself for who I am. I am woman, I am whole, and I am beautiful and I want to empower every woman to feel exactly that. 
The day you decide you are good enough and learn to love you, is the day you will set yourself free from your inner critic. It’s that simple. Let’s face it, there’s no point in denying that we are our harshest critic when it comes to the way we look. So this is a little reminder, that you are way too talented, kind, and beautiful to be the only thing standing in your way to loving yourself.
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