Meet the Family

The Family


One of the photos that Melanie had taken for a professional photo shoot.

I’m going to start with a little synopsis about myself, and I can only compare this to writing something similar to a Resume which is always fun..said no one ever. I am going to be as real and honest as I can, because lets face it no one is perfect. And if you are…well I’m sorry but you’re a bit boring!

So I was born in Williamstown Victoria. My parents… as much as I love them, they were fairly dysfunctional. But amidst the dysfunction they got a pretty good kid who managed to achieve a fair bit during her 32 years. When I was around ten years old, we made the move to the Redlands Shire in Queensland. Lets just say I absolutely hated living there, and continued to hate it until I moved from my home back to Victoria following the separation of my parents. These days I’d move back in an instant. Odd how that works!

Growing up, I wasn’t certain who and what I wanted to be. Because of the lack of attention from my parents, I never put much effort into my future ambitions as I was too busy rebelling against my parents wishes. It wasn’t until I was finishing my senior studies that I looked at becoming a flight attendant even though I was and still is terrified of flying. At the age of 18, I took on a traineeship for 12 months learning about hospitality, and later started working in a hotel gaining further certificates to pursue my dream of flying. My dream ended once I realized just how shit the industry was and how poorly women were treated. I changed my tune, and looked at becoming an advocate for those who were unable to speak up for themselves.

I studied hard, completing a Diploma of Community Welfare and later a Bachelor of Social Science, with my major in Human Services. With the help of a fabulous lecturer, I had my foot in the door with Child Protective Services, whom I worked for at least 18 months. It was an eye opening experience, and it’s safe to say that I was very naive about the horrible events that occur in our community. I saw and experienced some pretty horrendous things, and I was burnt out at age 25. I then started working in the Aged Sector, and boy did I love it.

When I first met Chris, I was a locum Case Manager working on aged care packages. We both fell long and hard in love with each other. We had been dating for about three months, and he proposed to me on a boat not long after midnight on New Years Eve. At first I honestly thought he was joking, because all I could mutter was ‘Really’! But from there things moved pretty quickly, as I packed up my things and made the long trek to Perth, Western Australia. Not long after moving, I fell pregnant and I had only just been successful with gaining my new role as a Wellness Assessor.

Fast forward to now, Chris and I married in 2013, put on our grown up pants and secured a mortgage, and not long after moving into our new home fell pregnant with our second son Flynn. I am three months into my maternity leave, and as much as I miss the mental stimulation I am loving being a stay at home mum. We are even talking about a third baby. Thank goodness I talked Chris out of having the snip.



Trying on a Hugo Boss Suit. Some say I look like ‘The Hitman’….


G’day Folks,

I’ve never found it easy to write an ‘about me’ section, so bear with me here. In the Worlds before Monkey, primal chaos reigned, heaven sought order. But the Phoenix can fly only when its feathers are grown…….oh wait, that’s someone else! If you’ve never seen Monkey Magic, I highly recommend it. My brother, Sam and I used to thrive on that show after school. It was almost a family religion, as we are a bunch of devil worshiping heathens otherwise!

On to the gritty stuff though! Born in the UK and emigrated with the parents and brother in 1989. Lived in Sydney, NSW for a few months then moved to Eleebana, on the shores of Lake Macquarie on the day of the Newcastle earthquake. In august 1991 we moved to a newly built home in a place called Thornton. Pretty much grew up there and ventured further afield as time progressed.

Nothing much else happened really until I joined the Royal Australian Navy as a Marine Technician in January 2010. Some time in mid September was when I met Mel, then things really started changing. Our relationship blossomed rapidly, resulting in an engagement 3 months after meeting, followed by living together by 6 month and expecting our first child, Lucas, shortly after that.

I don’t think either of us expected any of that to happen in such quick succession, however, Mel quickly became someone I could really see myself spending the rest of my life with, and she wasn’t slow to get the claws in either! Hahahaha. She is without a doubt my best friend and I love her dearly.

I’m a budding entrepreneur, keen amateur carpenter, welder, cook and a right old jack of all trades. I’m passionate about music, self development and being free!


The Boys

The boys…..I reckon these two are going to be best of friends. Two personalities that could not be any more different if they tried.

Lucas and Flynn – The Lion and The Fox

Lucas, the Lion. Wild, dramatic with an absolute zest for life. There is no middle ground with this kid. He is either 100% on, or completely off. Doesn’t do anything by halves, including misbehave. He is creative, curious and highly intelligent. I look forward to seeing him grow into a fine young man.

Flynn, the Fox. So called because when Mel was pregnant with him, she called him Flynn the Fox. Quiet, sensitive and content. Loves nothing more than to just sit with you and enjoy a cuddle. Though not a lot more can be expected from a 3 month old. He’s got such a lovely, gentle personality and I am eager to see how it develops.