About Lion, Fox & Co

About Lion, Fox & Co

Hey there, and welcome to Lion, Fox & Co! Lion, Fox & Co are a family run blogging and social media management company established in 2016.
We’re located in Meadow Springs, about an hours drive south of the most isolated capital city in the world! Perth, Western Australia.

Our site started innocently enough. Mel was in the bath, Chris was trying to cop a perve (as usual) and ‘we’ (Mel) decided it would be a great idea if we had our own blog! The conversation went a little like this;

‘I think we should start our own blog, so that we can blog about stuff together and that would be fun!’

Translated from womanese into manspeak means something along these lines;

“I want you to work out how to create a website for me to blog on, so that I can replace one distraction (phone) with another (blogging). I’ll let you have a sneaky look at my boobs so that you get hypnotised and comply with my every whim.”

So here we are. In a short few months, we have gone from zero followers on Instagram and Facebook and we’re now attracting new likes and follows daily. We are by no means experts, or perfect, nor do we pretend to be.

We’re married 30 somethings with 2 young boys, 2 dogs and a cat, trying to forge our own path in this journey called life.

Please sit back, relax, and enjoy our stories. We’re sure that you will be able to relate to most to our anecdotes!

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